Thailand records a bumper year for tourism in 2012










It would seem that Thailand has now recovered from the several years of instability it has endured and has welcomed a record number of international tourist arrivals during 2012. It has been announced that the country exceeded its target of 21m international travellers last year with 22.3m arriving to experience the sights and sounds of the country, a rise of 16% from the previous year. Continue reading

Hire a St Moritz hotel this Christmas







Have you ever wished you could whisk your entire family off for a Christmas that offered both luxury and privacy? Well know you can, if you have a lot of money to spare, by hiring an entire hotel in St Moritz for the Christmas season. The Carlton hotel, in its entirety, is being hired out from the 1st December-1st April and costs from £52,626 per night, so a long stay will certainly see a serious reduction in the old bank balance.

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The British Buck went a long way abroad this year









Due to the strength that the pound enjoyed against the euro this summer, the British Buck has been hailed as the new purchasing power currency, thus aiding not just the visitors who had more money to spend but also the struggling eurozone countries they visited. A recent survey from My Travel Cash revealed that British holidaymakers had £350,000 more to exchange this year, which increased their holiday spending money by 15%. Continue reading

Finding a luxury hotel for your trip to Machu Picchu




Without a doubt, the most popular tourist destination in Peru is Machu Picchu. The hidden temple which belonged to the Incas is simply spectacular and this, along with Cusco and the Sacred Valley, allow you to experience for yourself the Incas’ masterful architecture as well as give you a real insight into the fascinating history of this unique region. Continue reading

Day trips from your Turkish resort







Turkey is a big draw for British travellers, the climate, value for money hotels and the fact that it is outside the eurozone are three very good reasons for making the journey south to this most fascinating of countries. Whether you stay in Kalkan, Marmaris, Bodrum, Gumbet, Hisaronu, or one of the many other popular resorts, there is a great choice of day trips available to enhance your holiday even further. Continue reading

Cultural guide to a weekend in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne on the Yarra River is one of the top tourist resorts in Australia for those looking to embrace the culture of the city and find out more about its history. Granted, 48 hours isn’t long to explore this metropolis where the old blends seamlessly with the new, and if you are only there for a couple of day, on a stop-over for example, there are a few places to need to take in to get a real taste of Melbourne culture.

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